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JAF Solutions has a longstanding proven track record with helping businesses resolve their business and technology puzzles and continue to enable new technologies. Delivering business value our clients needs from their investment.

Being a SAP Gold Partner our customers can be confident that JAF Solutions has been recognised for outstanding performance. With our quality Australian based consultants, who are subject-matter experts with not only technical but also functional and business knowledge we can help you obtain faster and higher quality results. We have been recognized by SAP and our clients as leaders in the field of User Experience (Fiori Apps) with a Recognised Expertise Status.

With the introduction of our Advisory Services, we are not only able to Solve Puzzles but now also to Resolve them.

Our focus in driving business value for our clients is “human-centric” transformation themes with technology as an enabler.  Resolving “silo” constraints for effective decision making and managing uncertainty, enhancing lived experience of frontline and elevated sense making for Sustainability.


Our History

JAF Solutions was formed in 2005 with a focus on Business Process Management and Integration. Our services have evolved over the years and are now acknowledged by both SAP and our clients as Recognised Experts in UX (User Experience – Fiori). Due to our outstanding longstanding performance and delivery we are also a SAP Gold Sales and Service Partner. By attending SAP TechEd each year we ensure that we can offer our clients business value driven innovative solutions.

As SAP as evolved from being solely an on-premise ERP solution so has JAFS.  On-premise or cloud, integrated ERP to stand alone solutions JAFS can activate solutions to drive our client’s growth by working smarter. Offering Australian based consultants who can work with our clients to obtain faster higher quality results as they are subject-matter experts with not only technical but also functional and business knowledge.

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Our Values

Our values represent our shared understanding of the behaviours we aim to demonstrate in the way we work.

Our services have evolved but our emphasis on integrity still underpins everything we do and reflects mutual respect. At JAF Solutions we treat others as we expect to be treated.

What we achieve is important, as is how we achieve it.

  • Integrity

    We are ethical, honest and trustworthy in our business relationships and professional in our conduct at all times.

  • Innovation

    We embrace new technologies, develop innovative solutions and engage problem solving skills.

  • Value Creation

    We are focused on creating value driven solutions for our clients.

  • Delivery

    We are forward thinking and work with clients to deliver sustainable on-time solutions that meet business needs.

  • Collaboration

    We value strong professional working relationships and team collaboration.