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Our JAFS Integration Services helps organisations who want to resolve data silos and harmonise end-to-end processes by having  connected and integrated solutions from the OT world of the Edge & Shop floors to the Internal IT systems & Cloud services to B2B Integration scenarios.

The Connected World

  • Edge & Sensors - Industry 4.0

    Collect Data from IoT Sensors to enrich your systems and processes

  • Business to Business (B2B) and Global Networks

    Connect your business to other businesses and leverage the power of the connected business networks

  • Shop Floor & ERP Integration

    Shop Floor to Top Floor Integration and Reporting. Integrate your ERP and Manufacturing systems to enable complete visibility of your manufacturing and supply chain

  • On Premise & Cloud Options

    Integration Software can be installed on premise or as a service in the cloud

  • API Management

    Get your data and applications speaking the same language

Key Benefits

  • Architecture and Standards Services

    Ensure you have the right architecture and frameworks for a sustainable future

  • Pre built content and integration packages

    Get up and running faster

  • Open Connectors

    Over 160 out of the box connectors making it easier to connect to services

  • Enable Self service of API′s

    Reduce ongoing time and effort, by enabling Self Service of your API’s

  • Make decisions in real time

    Make decisions in real time at the edge for agile, adaptable, and efficient plants/factories