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Project Delivery

Successful delivery

Successful delivery of projects requires achievement across both project goals (time, budget, risk, quality) and technical solution goals (fit for purpose, quality, robustness, scalability). Our Project Management Framework provides mechanisms and processes whereby these goals can be specified, monitored, and measured.  

Our Project Management Framework

  • Scaleable

    The framework is, by design, scalable so that JAFS customers can tailor project governance to suit their own budget and risk profiles.

  • Transparent

    JAFS projects are delivered in a transparent manner, ensuring decision makers are provided with the information they need when they need it.

  • Client methodology

    Whilst JAFS provides this framework, our experienced project managers can work within any alternate project management methodology the client may wish

  • Outcomes focused

    JAFS projects are delivered with the project goals in mind. Processes, products and paperwork are designed to facilitate delivery in the optimum manner.