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Our JAFS Fiori Services helps organisations who want to enhance the lived experience of the frontline by reducing users “keyboard time”, manual paperwork and frustrations with the day to day tasks.

Enhancing lived experience of the Frontline

  • Role-based

    Designed for you, your needs, and how you work

  • Simple

     Includes only what is necessary

  • Adaptive

    Adapts to multiple use cases and devices (Mobile, Tablet & Desktop)

  • Coherent

    Provides one fluid, intuitive experience

  • Delightful

    Makes an emotional connection

Key Benefits

  • Reduce task time for users

    With apps that are designed to fit your processes and systems, user task times will be reduced

  • Reduce/Eliminate manual paperwork

    Reducing/Eliminating manual paperwork means reduced errors

  • Mobile enable your workforce

    Fiori Apps are designed to run on mobile devices

  • Seamless integration with SAP systems

    Seamless integration with SAP systems means no upload/downloading of data and removes the risk of  data integrity issues.