Our Solutions

Strategy & Quality


Our Solutions are designed around 4 key themes

  • Resolving Silos

    Resolving “silo” constraints for effective decision making and managing uncertainty

  • Sustainability

    United Nations 17 Goals and ESG Reporting

  • Lived experience

    Life reinvented for enhanced lived experience for workers and customers

  • Bridging IT OT Gap

    Seamless IT OT Integration for end to end real-time visibility


Our Solution Deployments come with embedded Quality Management as part of our Project methodology.

  • Scaleable

    The framework is, by design, scalable so that JAFS customers can tailor project governance to suit their own budget and risk profiles. 

  • Transparent

    JAFS projects are delivered in a transparent manner, ensuring decision makers are provided with the information they need when they need it.

  • Client methodology

    Whilst JAFS provides this framework, our experienced project managers can work within any alternate project management methodology the client may wish

  • Outcomes focused

    JAFS projects are delivered with the project goals in mind. Processes, products and paperwork are designed to facilitate delivery in the optimum manner.