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Our JAFS Asset Tracking Solutions help organisations who want to track assets allowing them to reduce time locating assets, increase visibility of asset movements and history including milestones, see impacts of delays on PO’s, Work Orders, Sales Orders plus more on an easy to use portal. Shifting your supply chain to network centric can drive productivity gains of 2 percentage points.

Do you know where your valuable assets are right now and where they have been?

  • Sensor Integration

    Integration with various sensors, we can also supply sensors

  • Freight Collaboration

    Freight collaboration option for tendering to invoicing and freight order tracking as well as dock appointment scheduling

  • Exception Monitoring

    Tracking of inbound, outbound and intra-company order fulfilment across the network with custom tracking scenarios with automated exception monitoring.

  • Impact Analysis

    Understand the impacts of  delays on PO’s, Work Orders, Sales Orders & more, trigger email notifications or rule based actions.  Share insights into the fulfillment progress with your Customers.

  • Connect with 3rd party logistics systems for updates

    Open API’s mean it’s easy to integrate with other 3rd party logistics system, therefore removing any blind spot.

  • Cold Chain Functionality

    Eliminate spoilage, reduce costs, with temperature management and alerts for temperatures issues.


Predicative Time of Arrival

Scalable Cloud Service

Industry 4.0

Open network

Insights to Actions - IT & OT Integration

Key Benefits

  • Realtime Visibility

    Gain real-time visibility into your asset locations, use GEO Fencing to create alerts when assets move in or out of defined areas.

  • Eliminate lost time driving around looking for assets put in the ″wrong location″

    by using live sensor location data, you can easily find assets placed in the wrong location.

  • Impact Analysis

    using Impact Analysis see what the impact will be to your sales orders / work orders by delivery delays.

  • Driver Behaviour

    Possible to monitor driver behaviour when linked to a vehicle, speeding, harsh braking etc.

  • Connect with 3rd party logistics systems

    Remove blind spots from your tracking by connecting up other 3rd party systems.

Our Devices

For a complete solution we can also provide sensors for your projects or integrate your existing sensors.

Why are our devices and services better?

We offer a full range of tracking devices and services to suit your requirements from Hardwired to Battery Powered, Cellular and LoRaWAN

See our Micro Site for details on the devices – Click here.

Battery Tracker Option

For things that do not have a power source, such as a trailer or compressor, our battery range can provide a solution.

Ultra long battery life – Depending on Device and settings between 5-7 years is common

20°C to +60°C. For operation in these extreme temperatures use LTC batteries


IP67 ultra tough nylon housings

UV resistant

Ideal for Australia’s Harsh environments with Dust and Water Protection


4G LTE Cat-M1/NB-IoT Performance – Longer range along with better signal penetration into buildings and basements

The devices have enough memory to store many weeks of data records and will record information even when out of cellular coverage

Sigfox OR LoRaWAN option if non cellular is preferred

Integration, Alerts & Reporting

Possible to integrate sensor data with your existing systems

Alerts when devices move or leave a geo fenced area

Reports and automated emails with details of movements

Smart and Intelligent

Most devices have capability to be programmed / configured and have additional sensors such as accelerators

Trigger Alerts if the device is “bumped”

Derive “run hrs” from the vibrations of equipment running

Configure Geo Fences and download to the devices for Alerts and Reporting of Movements in and out of specified areas

Costs & Custom Sensor options

We have a number of options from outright purchase of devices with small subscriptions to Full Subscription options to suit your requirements

Discuss with us to find the right solution for you.

We also offer CUSTOM built sensors for your unique requirements.