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Our JAFS Rotables Solution PoC helps organisations who want to manage their Rotables more effectively by understanding if demand can be met, how to fix stockouts, easy collaboration with vendors throughout the refurbishment/repair cycle and performance measurements of vendors & the overall process.

Resolving “silo” constraints for effective decision making and managing uncertainty

  • Planning

    What is the plan and what’s the budget impacts of the Plan?

  • Scheduling

    Can we meet demand?

  • Execution

    How do I fix stockouts?

    Do I approve costs for this repair?

    Collaboration for throughput

  • Measure

    How are my suppliers performing?  What are my cycle & dwell times?

  • Improving

    How can I improve my Budget projections?

Key Benefits

  • System perspective

    Working as a “System” – shaping inter dependency

  • Vendor Collaboration

    Keep your collaboration with your vendors together within the system and not lost emails

  • Effective decision making

    Have the relevant data at your finger tips to make the important decisions

  • Protect people, environment and reduce downtime

    by proactively managing operational risk

  • Effective Pool Management

    Manage your Rotables pools