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The SAP CRM Solution helps organisations who want to manage prospects, leads and pipeline for accurate sales forecasting along with task and quote management to help ensure you close out deals as soon as possible.

Meeting today’s sales challenges head-on

Today’s customers are better informed, socially connected and able to switch products, services and vendors more easily than ever before. More importantly, they are now starting the buying cycle well before they are engaging with any sales people.

Give your sales reps the data they need in one place, available anytime and anywhere, so they can make every interaction count.

  • Sales Automation and Forecast Optimisation

    Real-time lead management scoring and opportunity management, accurate forecasting of revenue and pipeline

  • Real-time, prescriptive planning

    Stretch every dollar with real-time, prescriptive plan recommendations aligned to corporate goals

  • Quotes and Contracts

    Configure complex products easily online, automate pricing and discounting, and negotiate contracts in real time.  Or when on the move you can download the relevant data to your mobile device to provide quotes even without any connectivity

  • Sales Performance Management

    Sell more by using territory and quota planning with prescriptive analytics, ensure your sales team are planning their visits.

  • Insight-driven deal closings

    Drill down into individual deals and coach sales reps to help close deals sooner.

  • Improve your Sales Experience For Better Customer Experiences


Predicative Pipeline

Which leads and opportunities do you need to focus on?  Using machine learning SAP Sales Cloud can give valuable insights into your pipeline and focus your sales team and give visibility to the management team

Integration with LinkedIn

Integration with LinkedIn to provide you more information about the company and it’s employees, who are the decision makers? Do any of your employee’s know them and can assist?  All these answers can be answered when using SAP Sales Cloud

Image recognition and image intelligence

While “in store” your reps can take pictures of customers shelves and get sales cloud to verify it matches your product placement/shelf agreements.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Integration with Microsoft Outlook, see the complete picture with emails automatically stored against your accounts and contacts, don’t be left with only a subset of communications logged within your CRM.