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JAF Solutions help organisations to demonstrate that they are purposeful about sustainability, have strong ethical standards and operate responsibly by resolving the sustainability puzzle.

Key Sustainability Puzzle pieces

  • Circular Economy & UN SDGs

    Collect data from IoT sensors to enrich your systems and processes

  • ESG Strategy

    Defining organisational strategy to reduce sustainability impact

  • Journey toward Net-Zero Emissions

    Crafting specific actions, towards net zero

  • Adapting Business Models for Sustainability

    Aligning the organisation to successfully achieve it’s goals

  • Technology as the Enabler

    Leveraging technology to drive the required outcomes

Key Benefits

  • Positive impact on social licence to operate

    Securing stakeholder, shareholder and investor confidence

  • Manage risk and build reputation

    Positive brand and customer experience

  • Increase the value of sustainability in supply chain strategies

    Growing supply chain resilience

  • Improve decision-making

    Ensure that long term profitability is preserved

  • Increase operational performance effectiveness to deliver long-term value

    Drive responsible consumption and production practices